The Beginning

RC4WD started off as a dream by a man living in the Bay Area. In 2001, the one-stop shop housed in a small garage quickly got its foot into the door. While the goal was never to create a business, the owner's love and dedication for radio control vehicles and extreme scale has allowed RC4WD to continue growing right along with their fan base - The American Dream!

Today, RC4WD has two office locations, several online store fronts, warehouses located both in the US and internationally and dealers and distributors worldwide thanks to you!

And it doesn't stop there. RC4WD is always hard at work to bring you new products on a weekly basis!












Our Passion

At RC4WD, we truly believe that you should do things with passion or not at all. Together, we focus on all tasks big and small including designing, creating and testing out our products for our customers.

By incorporating the feedback from our team and our valuable customers, we have successfully been able to produce something tangible and scale product after product!

We promise to continue serving all of you!


A World of Perfect Scale

Here at RC4WD, we work continuously to make that dream of perfect scale a reality for our customers, bringing you the Ultimate RC Products.

Our belief is that when we provide quality products, it will show. We appreciate our customers and want to provide you with the most scale products on the market without sacrificing quality. Besides, "the more scale it is, the better!"





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RC4WD in the Media                     

Our products have been selected by NASA and have been featured in several media outlets including TV and magazines in several countries!

One of our achievements include manufacturing parts for the fastest battery-powered radio controlled car at 325.12 km/h (202.02 mph), built by Nic Case (USA)!

For more details, visit our RC4WD in the Media page!