Event Application

RC4WD Event Sponsorship (Please review ALL details prior to submitting your sponsorship request):

RC4WD is happy to support RC events with RC4WD promotional items such as shirts, hats, keychains, banners, stickers/decals and other products.

To be considered, please ensure you meet all RC4WD Criteria as listed below and complete our RC4WD Event Sponsorship Questionnaire in full. It is best to request an event sponsorship at least 3 months advance. This will allow us ample time to review your request and if approved, provide you with the promotional items.


  1. Event must be in a fun, family environment. Including kid friendly.
    • No drugs allowed
    • No alcohol allowed
  2. Must have a centralized location to publicly hang our banners
  3. Must be able to provide us with an update of the event including:
    • See “Guidelines to Recap Events”
  4. Ability to promote the event through several social media outlets
    • Provide links to each
  5. Must add event to Facebook and send a Co-Host Request to RC4WD so that we can help you promote the event. 


  1. Full Event name + Location.
  2. Overall participants / drivers.
  3. 4-6 sentences detailing:
    • Specialty courses/activities.
    • Winners.
    • Course theme (If Any)
    • General reception of the event by the attendees.
      • EXAMPLE:
        • GOOD: RC4WD had the pleasure of sponsoring the Fraguinha Scale Weekend in northern Portugal at the Retiro de Fraguinha. Over 160 drivers faced off against a variety of scale trails, rally races, and boat races, including a scale town where a WWII simulation took place. The concours brought out the best of the best during the weekend, with some of the winners being Manuel Augusto and Carlos Camoesas. With the event being a success, a 2020 edition is already being planned for the RC community out in Portugal.
        • Bad: Recently RC4WD had the pleasure of being involved with the Super Fantastic Extreme RC Series in Space Mountain. The sunny island weather on Mars allowed for a day of fun. Congratulations to the winners of each race who had the opportunity to take home some awesome RC4WD gear.
  4. Photos:
    • RC’s
      • Preferably RC4WD RCs.
      • Action shots of RC’s on trails /obstacles.
      • Concourse photos.
    • Drivers / Attendees:
      • Large group photos are okay, but we don’t want them to be the main focus.
    • Winners.
      • Individual photos of the winners holding RC4WD awards.
        • We’d like to know what the challenge/competition/class was, that the winners participated in.
    • Location
      • Images of where RC4WD banners are placed.
    • What We Don’t Want
      • No alcohol, tobacco or drugs in photos.
      • No profanity or suggestive graphics displayed (ie: on shirts, hats, etc)
      • No selfies.


  1. i. Examples of an Individual Winner Photo


  1. i. Large group photos are nice, but it shouldn’t be the focus.

  1. ii. Example of action shots


Have you read all the details and meet all the RC4WD Event Criteria?

If so, complete our RC4WD Event Sponsorship Questionnaire in full.

Please allow our Sales and Marketing team several business days to review your information and respond accordingly.

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If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us directly at support@rc4wd.com.