Event Application

RC4WD Event Sponsorship (Please review ALL details prior to submitting your sponsorship request):

RC4WD is happy to support RC events with RC4WD promotional items such as shirts, hats, keychains, banners, stickers/decals and other products.

To be considered, please ensure you meet all RC4WD Criteria as listed below and complete our RC4WD Event Sponsorship Questionnaire in full. It is best to request an event sponsorship at least 3 months advance. This will allow us ample time to review your request and if approved, provide you with the promotional items.

RC4WD Event Criteria:

1. Event must be in a fun, family environment. Including kid friendly.

  • No drugs allowed
  • No alcohol allowed

2. Must have a centralized location to publicly hang our banners

3. Must be able to provide us with an update of the event including:

  • Overall participants
  • Activities held
  • Photos of the event showing both of the above (within two weeks after the last day of the event)

4. Ability to promote the event through several social media outlets

  • Provide links to each

Have you read all the details and meet all the RC4WD Event Criteria?

If so, complete our RC4WD Event Sponsorship Questionnaire in full.

Please allow our Sales and Marketing team several business days to review your information and respond accordingly.

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If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us directly at support@rc4wd.com.